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Illustrated Map

Make Information visually available

Maps, charts, tasting notes are great visual tools to use when working with Deaf consumers. Not only it will help them, everyone will gain more knowledge about wines and the vinification process with the visual aids.

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Our Network

Impressive Deaf Professionals in Wine and Hospitality Industry

Since day one, we have been networking with individuals and businesses in the wine and hospitality industry. We believe that they provide reliable professional services and are assets to this profession. Show some support and check them out!


Michael Hellman
Deaf Head Winemaker and Entrepreneur

Texas is the fastest growing wine producing state, but the industry is primarily composed of smaller family-operated wineries with limited access to advanced winemaking technology. VinoPolish is currently seeking funding to acquire equipment to provide the latest winemaking technology affordably and conveniently to Texas wineries. By utilizing our mobile services, wineries can improve wine quality and operational efficiency. Our vision is to level the technological playing field between small, local wineries and their larger competitors.


Michelle Morris
Wine Marketing & Educator

By day, Michelle is a Communications Director for the National Deaf Center. By "night," she is a part-time sales associate for DCanter, a wine boutique in Washington, DC, and a budding industry professional. In January of 2023, Michelle completed her WSET level 2 exam and is preparing to study for her Level 3. In the future, she hopes to apprentice with a wine label to learn about the various parts of the industry. She is passionate about DEIA and wishes to use her knowledge and experience to increase the accessibility to and representation of people with disabilities and BIPOC  in the industry.


Anne Kearney Logan
PhD of Viticulture and Enology

Deaf since birth, Anne is a viticulturist and fruit crop specialist by training, having recently passed her PhD in Viticulture and Enology at Cornell University.

She is also a wine educator and a farmer, having worked as an assistant farmer at an organic farm. This summer, she plans to start a virtual educational series on the science behind grape (and other fruit types) growing and winemaking in ASL. She also plans to develop in-person tasting events to expose the Deaf/HOH/signing community to hidden gems of wine growing regions such as those in New England and the Finger Lakes. 


Tara Beltramari
Assistant Winemaker

Tara is currently an Assistant Winemaker at Casa Larga in Fairport, NY. She was born and raised in Saint Helena California, in the Napa Valley wine region. Winemaking is in her blood.

She is a profoundly Deaf person who uses bilateral cochlear implants. She is proudly aiming to be be part of the wine industry and hopes to become a head winemaker someday or run a winery in the future. 


Hands On Travel

Hands On Travel is currently the industry leader in providing small group tours for deaf people and people who use sign language. They started the business in 2002 with the goals of providing accessible travel through direct communication, offering unique experiences, and becoming temporary locals in the places we visit. The company is led by seasoned travelers with years of experience traveling and living abroad and they want to educate their travelers about empowering local deaf ecosystems and steering away from the mass tourism industry. Part of the experiences Hands On Travel provides include wine tastings and appreciation of food and wine pairings during our dinners together.


David Uzzell
Hospitality Management

David Uzzell has ten years' experience in hospitality as a chef and restaurant manager. In the past he has worked at notable and Michelin-starred restaurants in Washington DC and Sweden, including Marcel's by Robert Wiedmaier, the White House, Reverie, two-Michelin Star Fäviken, José Andrés' flagship restaurant, minibar. He also helped to open and became the manager of Mozzeria in Washington DC. Over the years, as David built up his palate, he paid keen attention to the limitless potential for wine pairings, recognizing how the nuance of a particular vintage would harmonize with the various flavors of a dish. He looks forward to sharing this knowledge with Uncorked Access.

David now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has established the Virtual ASL Academy, a platform that connects Deaf clients with tutors in various subjects, providing test preparation services, helping clients receive certification and licenses, as well as helping high school students navigate the transition to college or the workforce.

When he is not cooking or helping Deaf learners, David is particularly fond of Champagne Taittinger, a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape or surprising people with a bottle of tsolikouri.

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