Wine Toast


Uncorked Access believes that wine industry can greatly benefit by expanding their consumer base to a relatively untapped market-the Deaf community and other Disability communities. 



Everyone, hearing or deaf, responds to visual information.

The wine industry heavily relies on images to promote their brands and locations. We recognize the importance of visual communication, which benefits both hearing and deaf people. Imagine visiting a tasting room or attending a tasting, with someone describing the region and geography, with no map, no context. Now imagine if you cannot hear this description.
We want to harness and expand this potential power of visual aids for consumers visiting tasting rooms and attending wine events. We offer consulting services on supplemental visual information through the lens of both the hearing and deaf worlds, increasing your brand's accessibility and reach.



Representation matters.

Accessibility can be an overwhelming experience for both camps: the hearing wine industry and Deaf consumers. We address this challenge by offering the essential access startup package: assessing where your company is at now, and how you can get to a more inclusive place. There are countless solutions to fit any venue or budget, and we believe that each company, from winery tasting rooms, wine marketing, tourism, to restaurants, can benefit from seeking out greater accessibility.

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